Automate your operations with Student Panel!

Enhance your website with a customized course finder to help generate leads! Give students the freedom to upload their documents, enter their information, and track their applications in real-time!

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Automates your services

Let students access the information they’re looking for at any time and receive automated updates!

Reduces the workload of counselors

Let students enter their information and upload their documents for you!

Helps you to reach more students

Attract more students to your website with your own customized course finder promoting YOUR partners!

Maximize your operational efficiency

Students automatically appear as new inquiries within AMS along with their favorited programs!

Boosts the effectiveness of your sales team

Students will no longer have to wait to hear back from you to find what they’re looking for!

Turns your website into a 24/7 sales machine

Let your website work for you and watch as the new leads automatically funnel into your AMS account!

What are the features?

Student Portal

Syncs with your AMS account and allows students to update their personal information, upload required documents, see what's missing and check on the status of their applications while communicating with your counselors through a message board. Notifications are sent automatically each time a change or update is made.

Search Engine Integration

This tool allows you to integrate the AMS search engine into your website. Students are able to search for programs from within your school portfolio and can generate their own quotations and application requests. You have complete control over which schools and programs appear here. Captures student data to create new students within AMS-

Choose the plan that's right for you!

Billed monthlyBilled yearly

Save up to 50% with yearly billing

$990 / $82 per month

For personal use or small teams with simple workflows.

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  • Allows students to update their personal information.

  • Allows students to see what's missing and upload documents.

  • Allows students to respond to programs you find just as they would for an AMS quotation.

  • Allows students to check on the status of their applications at any time.

  • Allows students to communicate with counselors through a message board.

  • Search Engine

$1490 / $124 per month
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For personal use or small teams with simple workflows.

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  • Everthying included in Student Portal, plus...

  • Allows you to embed the AMS search engine in your website.

  • Allows students to search for programs within your portfolio and generate their own quotations.

  • Allows students to make application requests for the programs that interest them.

  • Allows you to capture student data to create new INQUIRIES within AMS.

  • Allows you to convert application requests into new ENROLLMENTS within AMS.

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30 Day Trial Period

If you are unsatisfied after 30 days, we will offer you a FULL REFUND!

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Questions & Answers

1. Do I have to have an AMS account in order to use Student Panel?

Yes, Student Panel is an AMS ad-on subscription. Student Panel is configured, monitored and managed via your AMS account. Click here to register for an account now!

2. Can I control which schools I promote with Student Panel?

Absolutely! After activating your Student Panel account you will be able to select which schools you would like to display. Each school will have a Student Panel visibility switch next to it.

3. How customizable is Student Panel?

Student Panel is a white-labeld solution that can be tailored to your branding! The color theme, visual appearance, displayed portfolio, automated email templates, dashboard content and resources are all completely customizable!

4. Does Student Panel automatically renew?

Student Panel does not automatically renew. You will receive an automated notification email 1 week before your account expires. You may extend your subscription at any time from the Student Panel page of AMS.

5. Does it cost an AMS credit whenever a new student clicks on “Apply” in Student Panel?

No! This will simply appear as an application request. The credit will only be spent if you decide to approve their request and move them from the inquiry stage into the enrollment stage (converting them from a lead into a client).

6. Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your Student Panel account at any time. You are also eligible for a full refund if you decide to cancel the first 30 days.

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