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Our extensive experience in the international education sector has allowed us to continuously develop new solutions for agencies, schools and providers as our industry evolves.

AMS For Agencies
Student Panel
GDS For Providers
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AMS For Agencies

The industry’s ultimate CRM solution, designed to manage every aspect of your recruitment operations!

Save Time & Money

Streamline your operations without straining your budget and let AMS keep track of everything for you!

Grow Your Business

Spend more time strategizing with AMS reports and statistics and less time dealing with daily operations!

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Allows you and your staff to manage operations from any device with an internet connection.

Student Panel

A powerful add-on to AMS that enhances your website with your own customizable course finder and interactive student interface!

Automate Your Services

Give students instant access to the information they’re looking for and keep them updated with automated updates!

Reduce Staff Workload

Let students search through your programs, enter their information and upload their application documents for you!

Convert Leads 24/7

Let your website work for you and watch as new leads and applicants automatically funnel into your AMS account!


GDS For Providers

An intuitive platform that connects you to our global community of agencies while making your pricing and services conveniently accessible!

Promote To Agencies In 70+ Countries

Share your pricing, promotions, and marketing materials with targeted agencies in your target markets in the very platform they use to manage their daily operations!

Agencies Promote You Via Student Panel

Agencies with access can promote your services via their website course finder and interactive student portals, allowing students to generate quotations and even apply!

Customizable Search Widgets

The information uploaded to GDS can be displayed in a customizable search widget within your website or used to distribute your updated pricing elsewhere via API!

Custom Solutions

Leverage our extensive industry experience to help bring your vision to life! We have already built several platforms for key players within the industry!

Fully Tailored Platforms

Every project is designed and executed specifically according to your unique set of needs!

Time Effective

Our average time to completion for interactive agency platforms and student portals is just 6 months!

Cost Effective

Before committing all your resources to a never-ending in-house development, tell us your vision and ask for a quote!


Here’s what our amazing clients are saying

Kingsley Ibeji

Managing Director - Jokings Educare Ltd -UK & Nigeria

Four years into our business we were struggling in keeping accurate records of our students as well as all processes regarding their admissions into the University. Because we were operating from different branches, we could not get access to real-time information and communication was a challenge. When we discovered AMS, our business turned around, lots of changes came into play and we could keep accurate information regarding our students and communicate effectively among each of the branches. We no longer were losing students as we could keep good track of all correspondence and communication regarding each student. For every education consultant, this is a recommended CRM system for you. It is user friendly and covers every expected process that could help you manage your student and schools as well as to visa application updates. This is beautiful and brilliant.

Deniz Akar

Global Vision Study Abroad Istanbul - Turkey

Global Vision, established 20 years ago, is one of the biggest and well-respected Study abroad agencies in Turkey. We have more than 30 counselors from 7 different branches.Managing the whole team, flaw of the business and most importantly making sure our prospective students are followed up properly has always been a challenge. We have tried various CRMs in our industry as well as Microsoft Navision in the past. None of them served our purpose as much as AMS. We found AMS to have the same perspective as ours, as a study abroad agency. No other software we used before AMS had THE agency mind behind.

Rouham Manzoor

Founder - Bangladesh

Ever since we started our business we have been searching for a CRM that works for education consultancy companies. Most CRMs are not catered to education consultancy firms. We are very happy to finally find AMS which is very specifically suited for education consultancy firms. It has spaces for putting education history, follow up with notes, assigning Counselors, data analysis as well. What i really find particularly helpful is the post ENROLLMENT process. Once we enroll a student it has options for putting the students information to be followed up according to the university applications. It really is wonderful for us and we have already become significantly dependant on it. The best thing is that the AMS team is very helpful with enquiries and they are happy to provide support whenever we reach out to them and the services is very reasonably priced with us being charged only when there is a conversion.

Serap Güneyli

Alternatif Education Counselling Service - Turkey

We have tried several CRM systems before deciding on AMS. The primary reason we have selected AMS is because we have seen that it has been created and developed from an agency perspective. One of the most valuable benefits of using AMS is that we are now compiling a history of any activity with our customers. In the old days, our counselors would spend a lot of time writing their notes on paper or excel sheets, only to be filed away and never seen again. A counselor new to our agency can now pick up right where their predecessor left off, saving us from downtime during a personnel change. We also love the fact that we pay for this friendly System, that has brought our sales process to life and made it far easier to make sales, only as and when we make money ourselves.