“ AMS is a very useful platform for our agency. We have started using this system for several months now. Even though I have been so busy with my work during the high session and did not have much time to concentrate we still made a great progress as  AMS team helped us a lot.  Learning and using  each functions are making our inquiry and enrollment management process very smooth, besides having all our operations on one cloud platform and being able to see overall picture live and available on all devices gives us a total control.   Thanks you very much AMS team and keep up the good work.” 

Hang Dinh Thi Thuy

Founder - Vietnam

“ Ever since we started our business we have been searching for a CRM that works for education consultancy companies. Most CRMs are not catered to education consultancy firms. We are very happy to finally find AMS which is very specifically suited for education consultancy  firms. It has spaces for putting education history, follow up with notes, assigning Counselors, data analysis as well. What i really find particularly helpful is the post ENROLLMENT process. Once we enroll a student it has options for putting the students information to be followed up according to the university applications.  It really is wonderful for us and we have already become significantly dependant on it. The best thing is that the AMS team is very helpful with enquiries and they are happy to provide support whenever we reach out to them and the services is very reasonably priced with us being charged only when there is a conversion.” 

Rouham Manzoor

Founder - Bangladesh

 As IES company, which has been serving in the overseas education sector for 23 years, one of our most sensitive issues is to offer the price of the schools and to follow the records of the students. I've used some other CRMs before, but I didn't get a good result. After I heard about the AMS system, I decided to try it. This system is easy to use and constantly updated in response to every need. You can monitor your enrolments, consultants and records 24/7 from anywhere connected to the internet. In addition, AMS always provides good technical and educational support. You don't need to spend too much money to use such an application or have a program that belongs to you. You pay only as much as you use it. I strongly recommend AMS to overseas education agencies.”            


Founder and Director - Turkey

"We have been using AMS since 2016. We think AMS is the most adaptive platform for our agency business as far as language school programs and academic programs are concerned. Our productivity has greatly improved with leads, enrollment process and beyond.

  We have tried other systems before but none of them delivered the same adaptability when it comes to lead management, enrollment management and important alerts you get on your dashboard which are helping us have a peace of mind and enable us to offer highest quality service to our clients."

Suzhenov Naila

Executive Director - Kazakhstan

"With great support and openness to suggestions, AMS has revolutionized the way our agency is organized. The transition from our home-brewed system was very easy, and our consultants learned very fast how to use the numerous tools the system offers. As an agency owner, I couldn't have made a better decision about hiring a new system."

Mauro Mandil


"We can tell you that we have been greatly surprised by your Company, your support and even the way the system is coded, you are a truly professional Company and we are extremely happy to find good software as well as good people like AMS team."

Juan Rivera


"I started using AMS a few months ago and I love this system now as it helps me to:

• manage the inquiries of potential clients – I don’t forget to follow up an inquiry and I can easily find the person history even if he/she contacts me after a long time again • send offers and quotation in a few minutes. I can store email templates and files which I use very often when replying to inquiries or following enrolment procedures • delegate tasks to other members of my team and to check their performance as their manager • see all the statistics of the inquiries, quotations, offers, enrolments, accounts, etc. sorted by my criteria • make my work easier and more pleasant I recommend the AMS system to everybody in the education area who has to deal with a large number of inquiries and enrolments"

Janusz Pelizg


"We have tried several CRM systems before deciding on AMS. The primary reason we have selected AMS is because we have seen that it has been created and developed from an agency perspective. One of the most valuable benefits of using AMS is that we are now compiling a history of any activity with our customers. In the old days, our counselors would spend a lot of time writing their notes on paper or excel sheets, only to be filed away and never seen again. A counselor new to our agency can now pick up right where their predecessor left off, saving us from downtime during a personnel change. We also love the fact that we pay for this friendly System, that has brought our sales process to life and made it far easier to make sales, only as and when we make money ourselves."


Alternatif Education Counselling Service Turkey

"AMS is a very user-friendly and easy to use software! We were literally able to set up and run it after just 30 minutes! The configuration is simple and straightforward, and the inquiry and enrollment system is very intuitive! Thank you very much AMS team and keep up the good work!"

Nader Aboulhosn

Digital Marketing Coordinator Studypedia - Lebanon Oman

"After courting a number of IT solution companies, Two One Two agency, in Brazil, opted to utilize the services of AMS. The agency’s Richard Vettoretti notes that their solid field expertise – the AMS team has over 35+ years’ experience in international education – system interface and easy-to-use software helped the decision making process. “We have been using this software for two months now. It has absolutely sped up the agency procedures by nearly 50 percent. This means our counselors do not take longer than 24 hours to reply to inquiries and [can] enclose a complete quotation for analysis"

Richard Vettoretti

Director - Two One Two - Brasil

"Wellspring International adopted AMS in early 2015 to help to manage our network of over 100 sub-agents who submit applications to our 34 partners schools in the US. The software has helped us:  improve our operations by providing each of our agents their own area to manage and submit applications keep track of all of the documents submitted for each application by indexing documents to each student’s record and eliminating endless email attachments, and easily submit applications to our network of schools in just a few clicks. AMS is well designed, easy to use, and has been instrumental in improving our operations."

Greg Shrader

CEO - Wellspring International USA

"Global Vision, established 20 years ago, is one of the biggest and well-respected Study abroad agencies in Turkey. We have more than 30 counselors from 7 different branches.Managing the whole team, flaw of the business and most importantly making sure our prospective students are followed up properly has always been a challenge. We have tried various CRMs in our industry as well as Microsoft Navision in the past. None of them served our purpose as much as AMS. We found AMS to have the same perspective as ours, as a study abroad agency. No other software we used before AMS had THE agency mind behind."

Deniz AKAR

Global Vision Study Abroad Istanbul - Turkey

"My agency, Sindibad, has four offices in Saudi Arabia. Before using AMS, we've met great challenge to keep record of our students and their information in one database, and also to reach these records. AMS proved to be the best agency management solution with deep understanding of what agents really need. Follow up with leads and having our own statistics became so easy with AMS. Also, charging credits per student enrolment is so fair. AMS helps our agency to make money, and it only gets paid when we get paid."

Ayman Abdelhafez

Managing Director - Sindibad Saudi Arabia

"I think that AMS is a very useful tool for educational agents to keep information updated. It saves time and helps focus marketing strategies. It should be an essential software for any professional and serious educational agent!"

Maria Eugenia Faria

Turismo Maso Internacional - Caracas- Venezuela

"Since we started using AMS, we have more control and a better monitoring of all our students both prospective and enrolled. The main screen will show you all you need to know in a simple and colorful way. For its price and instant help desk we highly recommend AMS."

Julio Saavedra

Managing Director - Global Studies Argentina

"AMS "PIECE OF ART" The unique online cloud agency management system that helps agencies stay organized, keep and share student data with staff and offices, save time on making quotes and invoices, It’s a huge online software system which gives me unlimited facilities to communicate, track and process most of my agency duties in one system. It outstanding achievement in educational agencies world. So, thank you AMS and big thanks to AMS team"

Hamzeh Shararah

Executive Director - StudyCandle Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

"AMS is easy to use and easy to share with my staff. It is a strong tool to organize prospective students' information. I like the Inquiry follow-up function, and the tool helped us increase the number of enrollment to our agency. AMS support staff are friendly and teach how to utilize the system. We highly recommend AMS."

Akiko Imairi Selmon

U.S. College Connections Texas - USA

"Finding your students' data cannot be quicker than in AMS with the general search function. All basic functionality like inquiries, inquiry follow up, enrollments and enrollment follow-ups, schedule, task, calendar and event management are very easy to use. The interactive quotation tool, the enrollment form we send to our language schools from AMS looks stunning. The fact that AMS is connected to our website and we have started to receive all our web inquiries directly into AMS is wonderful. The best of all the cost of AMS to our agency is very affordable and fair.The fact that we don’t have to pay per user and the annual fee is just great..."

Aurelio Pirrotta

Manager - Lingua Academy - Italy