AMS (Agency Management System) is software for agencies to manage all their inquiries, enrolments, statistics, accounts and more importantly for you it allows them to make SCHOOL / PROGRAM QUOTATIONS for prospective students.
Consider AMS a marketing tool that takes the most important information about your school and makes it available to educational agencies around the world. The information you enter about your programs, accommodations, and prices are distributed to agencies at absolutely no cost to your school. In addition, your school has control over which agencies see your information, allowing you to name specific agencies or countries that you want to make your information available to.

Is AMS really free for my school?

Absolutely. We support our company by charging a small fee per enrollment to agencies who adopt AMS as their management system. In doing this we are able to offer schools a premium and customized service at no cost!

What do I have to do to register my school with AMS?

Simply click here to begin. You will then register your school with basic information about your location and name a contact person. When you finish, your information will be sent to our team for review. After we confirm your registration and notify you by e-mail that your school has been approved, you may begin the process of entering your school’s data. We understand that although we have made every attempt to make a smart, intuitive system, some aspects of the process may still be confusing. This is why we offer friendly advice throughout the process and invite your questions. Rest assured that we will always respond in a warm and timely manner and that we welcome all questions. Also, please keep in mind that we will not share your information with anyone who is not an educational agency.

How often do I have to check and update the information I enter into the system?

Only when you make changes, or anticipate changes in the near future, to your tuition, fees, or any information that has changed since you first entered it. With AMS you can enter all of the data for 2015, for example, and in September of that year enter the information for 2016. We strongly encourage you to keep your school information accurate and up to date as this will ensure you receive the maximum number of enrollments.

Do I need to download anything?

Not at all. AMS does not require you to download any supplementary software to include your school.

What if my school has multiple branches?

We welcome your school and all of your branches. AMS allows the primary user to name subsequent users and give them varying degrees of access and responsibility. For example, if a regional manager registers her school she can then assign usernames and passwords for each of the managers of the branches in her region. She can then allow them to edit only their respective branch’s information. This is why we also recommend that schools have people in positions of authority start the process.

Can I choose which agencies see my information and receive my promotional prices?

When you enter all your program and accommodation information you can choose to offer promotional prices for programs to specific countries and agencies. This feature allows you to maintain the special pricing arrangements you may have had with agencies prior to AMS. You can offer a 15% discount to Brazil or a 35% discount through July to a specific agency in Spain, for example.

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